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Use Your Environment to Supercharge Your Visualizations

woman drinking from a coconut and standing in water

If you want your visualization to be as powerful as possible, it is important to change your environment to accommodate what you are trying to see in your mind’s eye. You can do this by utilizing all your senses, and thinking of how each sense would be activated if you were living out your dream.

Whether you are trying to manifest more success and abundance, love, friendships, or anything else into your life, visualization is a really powerful tool. But the more real it seems, the better it will change your subconscious mind and convince you that you already living your dream. When you can do this, you will naturally make choices and take actions that help get you to that dream life.

What You See

The simplest sense to start with when it comes to changing your environment for visualization is in what you see around you. Everything in your environment could either help or hurt your visualization. You want to create a calming environment that supports what your dreams are. You might not be able to live in a house on a lake just yet if that is your dream, but you can choose decor in your space that you would likely have in that dream home.

Even if this just means having a vision board on your wall with images of the lake house, or framed prints around the house of what you might see if you were living in your dream home, it helps tremendously with your visualizations.

What You Smell

Another change you can make to your environment to enhance your visualizations is what you smell. What do you smell around your home or in your space when you are trying to visualize? If you smell something that distracts your mind and brings you out of the visualization, then it needs to change.

For example, if you are doing visualization in your living room while someone has food in the oven and all you smell is the chicken, but you are trying to visualize standing on the beach at your beach wedding, the chicken makes no sense. Instead, go to a room without distractions where you can smell flowers that you would have at your beach wedding or a candle with a tropical scent.

What You Hear

A really easy environmental change is to listen to something that is related to your visualization. Even something as simple as getting a white noise machine for your bedroom if you do visualization in your bed can help. Consider what you might hear during that visualization, such as the rain hitting on your windows, the sound of waves crashing or of cars driving by. Anything that sounds similar to what the environment would be like in that dream is what you should be listening to.

What You Feel

What sensations are you trying to create for your visualization? What would you feel if you were living that dream life? Try to surround yourself with items that you could physically touch and feel in order to transport you to that dream you are trying to visualize in your mind.

What You Taste

Finally, you can use your sense of taste to help with visualization. This is less about your environment and more about choosing to eat or drink something during a visualization practice that will help you connect with what you are trying to visualize.

A simple example of this is if you are dreaming of being on a Hawaii vacation, you might drink some coconut water or eat tropical fruit like pineapple. It is in these very small details that can help you feel like you’re actually there while you are going through your visualization practice.

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