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The Mindful Morning Routine for Successful Manifesting

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Being mindful is simply a state of being present and acknowledging everything around you. When you are fully present, you recognize your own thoughts and feelings, you understand your current situation with gentle care and detail, and you don’t try to distract yourself with other things.

Mindfulness can sometimes seem overwhelming or more like a meditative state, but it should be a natural way of being. If you are present and in the moment, then are you being mindful.

It also happens to be an amazing way to manifest success by improving your visualization, helping you calm your mind, and find more gratitude in the things you already have in your life.

Here are some ways to create a morning routine with more mindfulness.

Awaken in a Mindful State

For a mindfulness morning routine, the best thing you can do is wake up gently and in a mindful state. You might still have to set your alarm to wake up, but you can start shifting your early morning habits and mindset to help you remain mindful for as long as possible after you wake up.

To wake up in a mindful state, start by using an alarm that is gentler on you than being woken up in a jarring unnatural way. Don’t use a loud beeping sound on your phone, and instead switch to an alarm that lets you wake up to a song at low volume or at least a softer alarm sound.

When you wake up, give yourself a few minutes of just laying there in the silence, considering how you feel in that moment. This might be recollecting what you dreamed about or just enjoying the comfort of your bed.

Remain Mindful as Long as Possible

When you get into the habit of waking up in a mindful state, try to hold on to that mindfulness for as long as possible. This might mean a shift in your habits, such as not using your phone or checking social media in the morning, and saving some activities for after you’ve gone through your mindfulness routine.

Remove distractions that aren’t necessary in the morning, so stay off your phone, don’t go on your computer to check emails, and create a safe space in your bedroom where you can be mindful.

Find Morning Activities That Allow You to Stay Present

Not sure what to do in the morning that will get you into a mindful state? There are many activities that can enhance how mindful you are and allow you to stay present. You want to find habits that don’t just distract your mind and cause to think about other things, but rather a quiet activity that is calming and lets you be present and enjoy the moment.

Here are some ideas to start with:

  • Write in your journal

  • Do a quick morning meditation

  • Practice yoga or a stretching routine

  • Go for a nice walk

Do A Few Minutes of Visualization

If you are trying to manifest success, visualization is one of the best activities you can add to your mindful morning routine. Even though it might seem like you are distracting your mind with visualization, the opposite is actually true. With visualization, you are required to focus only on what you are trying to envision, forcing you to stay present in that moment.

This is great for people who struggle with mindfulness and how to be present. First decide what you want to visualize, choosing something related to a goal you are trying to achieve. Decide on a scene or details about that dream coming true, then close your eyes and transport yourself to that moment you want to have in the future.

Focus on all the details, using all your senses to feel like you are there. The more you focus on these little details, the more present you will stay in that visualization.

Stay Mindful During Your Morning Tasks

The last thing you can do to have a completely mindful morning routine is to start practicing mindfulness during other activities or tasks you need to take care of. This includes tasks that are often mindless and just a part of your morning, like making coffee, brushing your teeth, or cooking your breakfast. You can focus on staying present and turn these into mindful tasks.