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The Law of Attraction Tips for Manifesting

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Visualization as a tool can help transform your life into one you thought you could only dream of. It is often used for manifesting with the law of attraction, shifting to a more positive mindset, and helping with journaling when working through your goals and creating an action plan.

Want to start using visualization to achieve your goals, but are a little confused on where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The practice of visualization is simple, but it can feel complicated and a little overwhelming in the beginning.

The good news is that it gets easier with practice. Don’t expect to have an extremely detailed visualization practice on day one. But by recording your progress in a journal and working to make your visions more detailed, you will start seeing amazing results.

Here are some tips and trips for your visualization.

Listen to Your Gut

You have a natural intuition, even if you don’t know how to listen to it. Have you ever had a gut feeling you shouldn’t do something or felt like something inside you was pushing you towards a certain decision? This is your intuition talking to you.

When it comes to visualization, you really want to listen to your gut. Your gut will tell you which way to go, what to visualize, what dreams would make you happiest, and what actions to take. If you used to have a dream that you no longer feel connected to or your intuition seems to be screaming at you to change, listen to it!

Find Your Feeling

With visualization, you need to look past the vague definition of success or simple daydreams of what you want to achieve and find the feeling. Don’t just think about what it would look like or how you would get recognition for it, but how that would FEEL deep inside. How it would change your life, how much happier or confident you would feel, how your mindset would change.

Focus on finding your feelings and emotions when you visualize. Take one of your visualizations and try to imagine how it would feel achieving that big dream. Maybe you want to be a public speaker in your career and your dream is to have your own TedTalk.

Go through every emotion, from finding out you were chosen, to the butterflies in your stomach on stage, to the excitement of the laughter and applause. Go through as many emotions and feelings as you can imagine when achieving this dream.

The more you can feel during your visualization, the more real it becomes. When you truly believe it is happening to you during that visualization, your subconscious thinks it really happened, and then your actions will start reflecting what you are trying to achieve.

Try Different Visualizations

With each visualization, you create a specific scenario or scene in your mind that you can visualize. This should coincide with what you are trying to manifest into your life. But there are many scenarios you can use, and each one is effective in its own way.

As you start the process of using visualization, you will likely have some different ideas of what to visualize, but you never know which one you are going to connect with until you attempt it. Start having a growing list of visualization scenarios that you can use with as many details as you can think of.

For example, if what you are trying to visualize is starting your own business, there are many scenarios that could be included in this. They might include:

Brainstorming the business and being so excited at coming up with the perfect idea.

Opening the door of your new local store the very first time.

The feeling of getting your first payment for your services.

Celebrating the opening of your business or reaching a milestone with your friends and family.

Announcing that you made your first million dollars with your business.

Every goal or dream you have has a long list of scenarios that bring you to that dream and help you envision what it would be like.

Improve Your Money Mindset

It is really important that you work on your mindset as you start using visualization, starting with your money mindset. Even though abundance and wealth might be on your list of what to manifest, you could still have a bad relationship with money. This is a common pitfall of people who don’t have wealth and want to achieve it, but they focus so much on the lack, that they can’t really envision the wealth.

You need to have a good relationship with money, which means appreciating it and being grateful for it. Understanding its value, and not assuming you can’t be wealthy or assuming people who have money are evil or will use it in a bad way. Have the mindset of someone who deserves their money, saves it in smart ways, invests it, and does good things with it.

Set the Mood

When it comes to more tangible advice for your visualizations, try to set the mood as much as possible. Everything around you during your visualization makes a difference, from what you hear to what you can smell. Put out candles with scents that take you deeper into your visualization, listen to white noise, like the sound of rain if it soothes you. Do whatever you can to enhance your environment and make you feel like you are living in that dream world.

What Types of Things Can You Visualize?

If you want success, abundance, love, or specific material possessions, it is all possible with the help of visualization.

But what exactly should you visualize? Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Your Ideal Day

This is a great place to start when it comes to visualization. It can be hard to come up with specific scenarios related to what you want to manifest into your life, so you can just start by going through some different moments of a typical day if you were to achieve your dream.

If you are trying to visualize success, first think of your dream career, then pull out some details from that career. Where do you work? What does your office or workplace look like? What computer equipment is around you? What can you see outside the window?

With this information, you can then go through a simple day, whether from the time you wake up in the morning to the end of the day or just part of your workday.

How Success Changes Your Life

Another option for your visualization is to consider how success would change your life. Start small, such as what house you might live in or what kind of car you would drive. If that is a good representation of success in your mind, then it will be an effective visualization for you.

Think about what success would mean to you. Would you buy your dream home? Is success when you have a certain amount of money in the bank? Is recognition for your efforts something that is important to you?

You can then visualize what it looks like and how your life has changed within these different types of success.

Create Specific Scenarios

Once you have gotten a little more practice with visualization, you can then start creating specific situations related to what you want to attract into your life. Choose something that is on the shorter side, such as watching a scene in a movie. Choose details of this situation first before you start visualizing it.

For example, if you are visualizing a romantic relationship or meeting someone new, there are many different scenarios that make you feel like you are with your soul mate. This could be the day you met or how you meet, your first date, getting engaged, moving in together, going on vacation, and so much more. There are endless possibilities here.

Make a list of the different scenarios that are relevant to what you are trying to visualize, and that will help you choose what to focus on. The longer you can stay in that visualization and bring up all the emotions you would feel in that moment, the more effective it will be.

How You Receive Abundance

If abundance and wealth are what you are visualizing, then create a scene of how it comes to you. It doesn’t mean this is exactly how it will happen since you can’t predict that, but it gets you into the feeling of becoming abundant and helps you connect with those higher vibrations.

While there are endless possibilities for how you could become more abundant, here are just a few examples to start with:

You start a popular online store

You open up a local business that is popular

You win the lottery

You write a bestselling novel

You create an app that becomes very successful

You get surprise checks in the mail or money deposited to your bank

A big corporation hires you for a top management position

Being Recognized for Your Success

The last idea for visualization is gaining recognition for whatever you are trying to manifest into your life. This will also differ depending on what you are trying to attract in your life, whether it is a romantic partner, successful business, more abundance or wealth, or something specific like losing weight or buying your dream home.

There are many ways to achieve recognition or get noticed for what you have accomplished, as the details of the visualization will be up to you.

It might come in the form of a colleague telling you how proud they are that you got the promotion you worked so hard for or having a big engagement party after you have gotten engaged. You might get recognition on social media and that is what you visualize.

The key is to find your emotional triggers and use them in the techniques that come most naturally to you. As visualization for manifesting becomes more of a habit you can add in new methods to keep your practice fresh and motivating. You could think of visualizing like playing a new virtual reality game. The more you play the more natural it will feel and the better you’re going to get at it. The difference is that you’re enhancing your life, not a game.