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Super Simple Rainy Day Craft Ideas for Kids

There are days, sometimes whole summers, where we need a quick and easy craft project that hardly requires any instructions or special materials.

Here are a few super simple fun projects to try. 

Easy Painted Garden Lady Bugs

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How cute are these ladybugs! I know there are some little girls out there that would love to create a few of these for play and to share.

The only maybe out of the ordinary item used are the wiggle eyes. If crafting is a thing in your house you probably have a stash of wiggle eyes, but if not you can easily paint on the eyes.

As a side note,  wiggle eyes are one of those high bang for your buck low cost items that you may want to keep on hand.

Take any painted or drawn creation, add some wiggle eyes, and waa-laa you have a giggle inducing masterpiece:) 

Recycled Roll Craft

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Got some empty toilet paper rolls on hands? What are the odds??

Some kid friendly paint, maybe a pompom or a pair of wiggle eyes (I told you they’d be endlessly useful)? Well then you have all the needed materials for this easy, and very cute woodland animal critter craft.

These are some of the best looking toilet paper roll crafts I’ve ever seen!

They would make a cute decoration in a child’s room, a sweet friendship gift, or if you made a bunch would be fun for an afternoon of make believe character play.

Personalized Crayons for Little Hands

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Now here’s a project that uses what you probably already have on hand – a container full of broken crayons.

I’m not sure why, but I do know there’s something fun and fascinating about making your own crayons, from . . . your old crayons. No need to analyze why – it just is.

DIY arts and crafts projects for kids

Easy rainy day craft projects for kids.

A perk of this craft / activity is that before interesting new crayons can be made, the labels must be removed from the old or broken ones. This takes time and concentration and should be done by the ones who will be coloring and creating with the new crayons, ie. this is going to take up some time. Maybe it’s a perfect opportunity to get yourself a cup of coffee to enjoy as you watch your little ones industriously removing labels.

After the crayons are made and cooled comes the fun of using them, and perhaps another opportunity for a little breather for you.  

There you go – three perfectly engaging, easy rainy day crafts for zero patience days.

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