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Rustic Country & Farmhouse Style Lamps

Sometimes you find the perfect old-fashioned lamp for a room only to find that it doesn’t work anymore. You can add a new lamp kit to an antique to get the perfect look, but if you’re not up to re-wiring an old lamp you’ll find there are a lot of endearing new options available.

These are all officially table lamps, but they come in a variety of sizes that make them versatile enough for many different spots in your home that need light or an accent piece. Beyond just providing lighting for the room, these lamps add an interesting and sometimes authentic decorative touch that can make a room feel extra cozy.

I love this very unusual style of a lantern. It’s very simple lines give it an air of functional authenticity.

rustic coach lantern lamp

This Country Star lamp is more of a decorative piece that would look perfect in a western or even equestrian “themed” room. I could see this on a nightstand in a little boys room as easily as a kitchen nook in a cozy home.

country style decor table lamp with shade

This unique Hartford lamp has a rustic finish and a simple charm that would look great in a truly country style room. This is best used as a decorative piece in a spot where lighting isn’t crucial, as the design of the lamp doesn’t put out a wide path of light.

authentic looking black Hartford lamp with shade

This butter churn lamp would make a such a cute statement piece in a country style shabby chic room and since it’s designed as a table lamp it will also be functional for accent lighting.

cute country farmhouse butter churn accent lamp

This mini onion lamp has a very primitive homespun look that feels  authentic. The small size of this lamp would make it perfect for a nook or even decorative powder room lighting.

primitive rustic mini onion lamp

This old world looking bubble glass lamp would work well with the lamp above it to create a coordinated by not matching look that would lend itself to a cozy homey decor.

vintage style bubble glass onion lamp in lantern style

Looking like a very aged Mason or canning jar covered in a wire cage this lamp would make an awesome farmhouse style accent piece. This would also be a beautiful holiday lantern.

iron and glass jar lantern

Here’s an interesting solar powered lantern that looks so perfectly aged you might think your dad passed it down to you from childhood camping trips.

solar powered farmhouse style lantern lamp

Our last table lamp is a sweet farmhouse style light source and clock with timeless charm and an easy to care for finish.

lamp and clock combo

I hope with all of these truly unique and interesting options you’re able to find just the perfect piece for your personal home decor.

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