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Minimalist Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

Most people dream of having a luxuriously spacious kitchen with lots of counter space – but that’s just not the reality of so many kitchens.

Dealing with a small or even tiny kitchen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or functionality. Sure it can require some creative planning to make it work, (especially if you actually use your kitchen for cooking and baking) but it’s totally possible!

Keep Only What You Love & Need

You knew that had to be said! The key to make a small kitchen feel bigger is to have LESS in it.

If you have appliances that you absolutely love using, but aren’t part of your daily cooking routine, it’s best to store them completely out of the way, even if that means in a coat closet or in a opaque bin that hides under a side table (think outside the box when it comes to maximizing your space). 

Small Kitchen Inspiration

A unifying factor in these “inspiration kitchens” is the abundance of natural light, which does a wonderful job of making the whites seem more rich and varied. When short on natural light you can cleverly combine what you have with artificial light sources that mimic sunshine.

Your choice of surfaces in the kitchen also plays a huge role in the way light is reflected and perceived. Smooth, shiny surfaces create the illusion of more space. 

Clean Minimalist Kitchen Decor Comes Alive with a Touch of Natural Greenery

A potted plant, natural fiber area rug, and accents of unpainted wood can make a very white kitchen cozy and inviting. This kitchen is quite small with minimal counter space, but appears to be open and roomy. 

Simple minimal kitchen design.

Painted or Stained White Cupboards

These painted white cupboards open up this small kitchen by creating a uniform, but still interesting canvas that allows the eye to perceive the space as bigger than it really is. Even the choice of  handle hardware creates movement in the space instead of stopping the eye to notice a more prominent  design. 

When designing a small functional space a good rule of thumb is creating a neutral canvas as the bones of the room. Add personality with pops of color and texture. 

The fresh planted herbs and areas of unpainted wood keep the space looking sweet and almost rustic instead of stark. The white and beige tiles add variety and depth while keeping the clean open look. 

how to organize a small kitchen

The use of greenery and natural woods bring warmth to the looks, adding a cozy factor that would otherwise be missing. White on white can look stark without these pops of charm. 

Beautiful modern kitchen inspiration.

Awesome minimal decor ideas for your small or even tiny kitchen.

A Galley Kitchen Doesn’t Have to Look Cramped

Galley kitchens are often dark and feel cramped and crowded. This beautiful modern looking galley kitchen wisely uses artificial and natural light, smooth textures to create the feeling of spaciousness, and reflective countertops to draw your eye to it’s best features.

monochromatic design makes a small kitchen appear more spacious

Modern galley kitchen design and storage ideas.

Monochromatic Color Unifies – Shapes Add Interest

A very simple recessed shelving unit is brought to life with the placement of a few practical pieces.

The varying shapes of the items give the shelf interest and depth without feeling crowded or busy.

This would be a an easy place to introduce minimalist design to your own kitchen.

This shelving unit is about as simple as they come. You don’t need a recessed shelf, but could do this with any free standing shelves and some white paint.

Keep a monochromatic color scheme (it doesn’t have to be stark white) and add a touch of the unexpected for simple charm.

Clean lines and minimal clutter can transform a small, uninspired, or odd shaped kitchen into a space that is not only welcoming but highly practical as well.

Collection of design ideas for small kitchens.

An uncluttered counter begs to be used.

A clean space is an invitation to try a new recipe or enjoy a peaceful cup of tea.

Remember, at the heart of all minimalist design is practical function and comfort. I hope you find something to inspire the design of your own kitchen!