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Law of Attraction Planner Tools to Manifest Your Dream Life

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The great thing about visualization as a practice is that there are always ways to improve it. In the beginning, you might have nothing more than a general idea of your dream life, or maybe a goal-setting vision board you created with Pinterest. But over time, you start to discover ways to improve your progress and results and allow you to really feel like you are in that visualization.

Here are some law of attraction planner tools that can be really helpful when it comes to a successful visualization practice.

Law of Attraction Planner Journal

If you can only have one tool for visualization, it should be a loa planner or journal. Just about every detail of a visualization starts with writing down what your goals and dreams are, what you want to achieve and why, and what feelings you are trying to bring up during the visualization.

A journal or daily planner used specifically for your manifestation journey is a really helpful tool for this and so much more when it comes to visualization. Just about everything you need to do for your visualization practice can use a journal. This includes:

  • Choosing what to visualize

  • Crafting a personal vision statement

  • Deciding what your dreams or goals are

  • Creating specifics about how you will achieve your dreams

  • Listing scenarios for your visualizations

  • Deciding what to put on your vision board

  • Keeping track of your personal growth and visualization progress

If you aren’t big on journaling, you don’t need to use it in so much detail. To keep it simple, you can write just one page in your daily planner about your thoughts about your dream life and what you want to manifest or visualize. You could add a section to keep a gratitude journal to help foster a positive mindset. Keep it short and just include any details you can think of.

Vision Board

The next tool is one that helps you see what your manifestation would look like before you start visualizing in your mind, which is a vision board. Yes, the vision boards you used to make on poster board with clippings of images and text from magazines. It is the same concept, but a modified version with a lot more detail.

The upgraded version of a vision board is similar, but has a specific purpose of helping you to feel present and connected to what you are attracting into your life. If you want to attract more abundance, consider what that would look like for you and how it would be represented in your life. The old vision boards might have had a vision of a big pile of cash or a new car, but if you don’t care about cars, that doesn’t help you connect to it.

Get specific with YOUR details and dreams, and what abundance would look and feel like for YOU. This is so important when you use a vision board as a tool for your own visualizations.

Guided Meditation

Another tool to consider using for your visualization practice is guided meditation. There are many different meditations that will create the visualization for you, including talking you through different scenes and using positive affirmations to get you into the right mindset.

A good place to start looking is YouTube since they will be free and you can search specific types of meditations. This can be one for positive affirmations if you want to use them for channeling more positivity and a better mindset, or more specific than that, like “meditation for abundance” or “manifesting love”. You should easily find just about anything you're looking for.

Another great option when it comes to guided meditation is that you can find ones that create scenes for you to focus on. For example, you can find a guided meditation with the sound of the waves crashing in the background, and a description of the sand under your feet, with descriptive words to describe the smell of sunscreen on your warm skin. This really transports you to a vision of being on the beach if that is related to what you are trying to visualize.

Activating Your Senses

Finally, you have different things in your environment that you can use to help activate your senses and make you feel closer to what you are trying to visualize. Think about your visualization when it comes to your senses, like how it would look, how it would feel, what tastes might be related to it, what you would smell or hear. What could you add to your physical world to help you more easily activate your senses to enhance your visualizations?

This takes a simple visualization and amplifies it so that it starts to feel more real. Take a minute to visualize that you have your dream home and in your backyard, you have a swimming pool. Just start with a general look of what that swimming pool looks like.

Now, amplify it with your senses. Imagine the sun on your skin as you step out on your patio and walk towards the pool. Feel the cool water on your feet as you submerge them in the pool. Imagine what it would smell like in your backyard as you swim around in the pool. Everything you can imagine with such great detail uses your senses and makes your visualization so much more powerful.