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How to Upgrade Your Vision Board

desk with a laptop, notebooks, and poster

One of the best tools you can use for visualization is a vision board. Your vision board allows you to see visually with your eyes what you are trying to manifest, which can then make it easier for you to visualize it in your mind.

The more you can look at your vision board, the more power it will have on your subconscious mind. This allows you to begin to truly see your life in this way, and your actions will then follow suit and allow you to get to that dream life.

Here are some ways to improve and upgrade your vision board to make it more effective.

Revisit Your Goals and Your Why’s

Before you begin working on your vision board or improving one that you already have, you need to revisit and analyze your goals. It is very possible that the dreams you used to want have now shifted or manifested into other things. It can help to journal about what you want in your life, what your biggest dreams are, and what goals you want to achieve.

Remember to add specifics and details of these goals, along with why you want to achieve them, and what you hope to gain by achieving them. Be honest with yourself about how you came up with the goal, and what it would mean when it comes to living a happy, fulfilling life.

Visualize Achieving Those Goals

Once you have tweaked your goals or whatever you are trying to manifest into your life, you can then write down what you would see if it became a reality. What first comes to your mind when you imagine achieving success and abundance? How would your surroundings be different than what you see now?

What visual representations could you create to actually SEE your dream life play out. If you have a dream of meeting your soul mate, what would that look like? Would you feel more connected to images of what they look like, where you go together on vacation, what your wedding would look like? Or would you prefer images of having a family and a dream home with them?

Every image should help you connect deeper with your dreams and feel like you can actually see it coming true.

Find Images to Represent Your Vision of Success

Now that you have a list of what your success or dream would look like, you can find images that reflect that. There are many ways to compile images, which depends on how you are creating your vision boards.

Here are a few ideas for putting your vision board together:

Images from magazines – The first option is to get old magazines and cut out images that represent what you are trying to visualize. This can be a fun project when you want the vision board to be on poster board where you can hang it somewhere you would see it often.

Printed images – A better option is to find images online and print them out. This is great because you have more to choose from and can really personalize it for your goals and what you want to visualize.

Digital vision board – You can also create more of a digital vision board, either on something like a Pinterest board or by creating a collage with a program like Photoshop or Canva. Using your digital vision board of choice, add the images and text you have chosen to include.

Use Words, Phrases, and Affirmations

After you’ve picked out your images, you then want to compile some words, phrases, and affirmations that help you connect with what you want to visualize. Pictures are often not enough because you need words to act as affirmations. They help you to connect even deeper to what you are trying to visualize.

Similar to the images, you can find these in magazines, online, or even on graphics like what you see on Pinterest or Instagram. Add relevant phrases that help you label different parts of your vision board, such as manifesting wealth, enjoying vibrant health, getting your dream job, or getting married.

Ways to Use Your Vision Board

Don't know what to do with your vision board once you've designed it? If you made yours using poster board or something similar you only have to hang it up somewhere you can see it regularly. If you created a digital vision board you can use it as your computer screen background. You can also use an app to set it as your default image whenever you open a new browser tab. You could use your digital vision board as your phone or tablet wallpaper to really keep it at the front of your mind. And finally, Pinterest is also a helpful tool for easily creating a vision board you can bookmark to quickly visit whenever you want to boost your visualizing skills.