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How to Make a Powerful LOA Vision Board

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board – some people refer to these boards as a map of life or a Law of Attraction collage – is a board where you put images, words and quotes that are meaningful to YOU.

These items are a representation of what you want to have in your life. The purpose behind having a visual board is for you to help magnetize yourself to the good things that you want

On your board, you can put up photos of what you want to do or have in life, or something that represents how you want to feel. For example, if you want better health you could use images of people doing the activities (like hiking, swimming, working out) that you’d love to be able to do yourself.

Everything that you want in life can go on the board, regardless of what it is. If you want a certain kind of home in a particular neighborhood, go ahead and put a photo or image of that home up on your board.

If you currently live in one state but long to move to another, you can put up photos or words that depict the state that you want to move to.

You don’t have to focus on all the big changes you want in life. If you’d like a particular purse or a fancy new blender, there’s nothing wrong with putting those up on your board either. Your vision board is unique to your life desires.

If you’d like to go somewhere on vacation because you’ve always wanted to go there but could never afford it or could never get time off from work to go, then you should include that.

These can be photos and pieces of travel brochures or tourist maps from that vacation spot for your vision board. By creating a vision board, this does not mean that there’s a mythical fairy godmother waiting in the wings to make all of this stuff that you want to happen occur.

What this means is that when you visualize something, you subconsciously begin to alter your life so that it reflects the things that you want as shown on your vision board.

These visuals give a concrete projection to your desires and that enables you to subconsciously go that direction.

What Kind of Vision Board Do You Want to Create?

Goal Vision Board

While visions boards all usually cover specific areas of life, the boards can be one of several different types. You can make the vision board as unique as you are.

One type of vision board that’s popular is the goal vision board. This one is for people who know exactly what they want in life. This is for people who don’t want to “graduate college” but specifically want to “graduate college with a teaching degree in Science.”

These boards are not as open as other boards because they’re not open to things that steer you away from your goal. When you’re doing a goal specific board, you’ll want to choose visuals that reflect these exact goals.

Opportunities for Transformation Board

The next kind of vision board is the opportunities for transformation board. This board is for people who struggle to specifically identify what they want to attract to their life. They’re seeking something, but they can’t really name what it is they’re seeking.

For example, they’re seeking happiness, but they don’t know what it would take to make them happy. These kinds of boards can be fantastic image tools because they can lead the person who doesn’t know what they truly want to attract to discover what it is.

To create these boards, you simply look for the images and words that speak to you. It doesn’t matter what it is. For some people, discovering this kind of board has led to making career changes or making a move that brought them profound joy after they realized their images were leading them in a certain direction.

One of my boards included a picture of someone kayaking. I didn’t believe that was in my realm of possibility for many reasons and I thought I was attracted to the picture because of the beautiful scenery. But it turns out that looking at that picture for a couple years eventually sparked the idea that I might actually want to be kayaking and not just sightseeing. My vision board lead me to a hobby that has brought me so much joy! I now call myself a born rower:)

Area of Life or Issue Specific Board

Another kind of vision board is an area board. These boards are for people who desire to use the Law of Attraction with a particular area of their life. For example, if they’ve had a string of bad relationships they can choose to create a relationship board.

For this board, they would use images depicting the kind of relationship they wanted to be in and the aspects of that relationship that are most important to them. These boards are good to use for people that feel that their lives are already utilizing the LOA except in this one area.

Some people have discovered that whatever area needed changing usually held some level of negative energy. Once they created the board, they were able to see what they’d been attracting and how creating the board led to getting what they wanted instead.

Supplies to Make Your Vision Board

The first item that you’ll want to get in order to create your vision board is poster board. You can find this at stores such as Target or Walmart usually in the stationery or the school aisle.

If you’re eager to get started right away you could use a piece of cardboard that you have lying around the house.

Some people use the tri-fold presentation type boards.

You could use a magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard, or pin board.

You could get creative and use your refrigerator with magnets, empty wall with tacks or those amazing Scotch Restickable Dots, or even your bathroom mirror with some tape. Heck some people use their body and tattoos as their vision board!

Set yourself free – there’s no one way to make a vision board!

After you decide on your “board” you need a list or a general idea of what you want to attract in your life.

These wants or desires should be a list of everything that you imagine for yourself in the areas that affect you. For example, you could have a list dealing with your job or career, your education, your finances and your health. Don’t forget about the fun or joyful experiences you want to attract!

Depending on how many areas you want to include on your board, you may need to use an extra large one – or some people use more than one board and each board is divided by category.

What some people do is take a large square board and they cut it into or draw a big circle. Then they divide that circle like you would the slices of a pizza. Each slice represents an area of life.

In the center of the board is a circle that holds either a photo of the person creating the board or an image or phrase that’s particularly meaningful.

Now you’ll need to start gathering your images and any quotes or words relating to your goals or focus desires that you want for the board.

A good place to find images to use is in magazines. If you don’t already have a good selection of magazine to choose from you may need to ask around for people who are eager to give away their old magazines. I find used book stores the best place to find all sorts of magazines to use! They usually have obscure magazines that I would never buy for the subject matter but find they have amazing images to use.

Brochures with images on them that you might like are also available from hair salons, car dealerships, real estate offices and more. Hotel lobbies are a great place to find a bunch of travel and tourist activity brochures.While you’re at it you may want to add a luxury hotel room image to your board;)

Luckily through the awesome power of the internet you can find and print out any image that you can possibly imagine!

If you need a very specific image that you’re having a hard time finding some of the stock photo sites have great images on a variety of topics that you can buy fairly cheaply to use for your board. Just Google what you’re looking for followed by “stock image” and you’ll find all sorts of offerings.

While it can be tempting to start putting the board together as you gather the images, you may want to hold off. It can be helpful to completely finish gathering all of the images you need first before you start to work on the layout.

You’ll need decent scissors to use for cutting out images of magazines and other print media. You’ll also need an adhesive to make the images stick to your chosen board type.

You don’t want to use simple school glue because this type of glue has a tendency to over-saturate and distort the images. Even if you’re careful to use only a little bit, the glue can still make the images take on a wrinkled appearance.

Instead of school glue, you can use either photo adhesive, dots or squares carried in the craft or photography section of many retail stores. Some people use glue sticks or rubber cement and those will work just as well.

Putting Your LOA Vision Board Together

If you’re like most people, you’ll find that you’ve collected an abundance of images and words that speak to you. To help narrow down what should go on your board, you need to follow your instincts.

Temporarily put the pieces that stand out the most to you on your board without gluing them in place. You’ll want to group the like themes together. For example, put things related to job or career in one area of the board.

If you want to return to college and that move could help you with your job or career, then you could both of these topics in the same area. Don’t worry about trying to make the board look perfect or polished or like a work of art.

That’s not what this is about.

Building the board is about using the Law of Attraction to bring into your life what you want the most, so use your board as a flexible tool and let it reflect that genuine desire rather than trying to make it look perfect.

Once you’ve selected the images and things that you feel belong on your board, you’re going to want to create a pre-layout. This means you should put the images and words on your board as you would want to attract them.

Whatever is the most important to you should go in the very center of your board. Seeing the images creates within you positive emotions, which in turn helps you send out positive energy into the universe.

Vision Board Secret Sauce: Only use images that make you happy. That might seem obvious, but it’s very easy to end up making a board that simply reminds you of all that you “don’t have”. In that case you’re only going to feel regret, envy, doubt, or even anger which would be counterproductive!

Once you have the images that you want placed around your board, you’ll want to put any quotes, phrases or words on there, too. Some people use simple one-word descriptions of what they want to attract to themselves such as “joy” or “happiness” or “abundance.” Others use phrases or full sentences.

After you have the images where you know you want them to stay, then you should glue them on. Around these images, you can feel free to write inspirational thoughts or something that would motivate you.

Like if you want to attract health (and losing weight is part of that health), then you want to address this in a positive manner. Too many people bring negativity when they treat the weight loss part of their health with unkind words such as “fat” or even “unhealthy.”

Those have a negative connotation. Instead, you need to choose words like “get fit” or “be active” as your vision words. Some people choose to put photos of themselves on the board as a reminder of their inner happiness.

Having an image of yourself looking happy can be a great motivator as well. When you have your board ready to put up, you want to make sure that you put it where you’ll be able to see the images every day.

This helps keep the positive energy flowing out into the universe.

You never know where this simple exercise of creating a vision board will lead you. If you’re creating something that ignites joy within you than even the creation process itself can make it extremely powerful and valuable to your well being. Have fun creating a vision of your best future!

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