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Free Sweet Peach Printable Planner Set

This planner set includes a daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner, meal planner, habit tracker with space for tracking multiple habits, blank lined page, and bullet journal style graph and dot grid pages.

Designed to be comprehensive and flexible, and make organizing your day a joy! I hope you’ll enjoy customizing it to your particular planner needs and find it super easy to use efficiently.

The weekly and monthly planner pages are undated to make them easy to start using any time of the month or year. Keeping them undated also keeps them very practical to reuse over and over again.

The system of using a daily, weekly, and monthly planner together can significantly boost your productivity when you’re juggling a lot of commitments or planning a big project. If you don’t really need that level of accountability you can simplify the system by only using one of the daily, weekly, or monthly pages.

The meal planning page is comprehensive enough for planning your menu and shopping lists which hopefully keeps you on track at the grocery store and saves you money possibly wasted in buying stuff you won’t need for the weeks meals. A little planning goes a long way in the “staying sane at dinner time” department;)

The habit tracker is a simple page with the power to change your life.

There are a lot of spaces for habits to track but I would suggest dividing them into the tiny changes you want to make and saving just a few spots for the more demanding new habits you want to develop. Think making the bed everyday versus working out five days a week – definitely different levels of stretch and commitment!

Personally I think the blank lined, graph, and dot grid pages get the most use in my planners. They’re so flexible that I’m always coming up with new ways to use them, and if you like some of the features of bullet journaling they’re a perfect way to work that type of planner into your system without giving up the familiar traditional planning pages.

I know I enjoyed creating this free premium printable planner (say that three times fast) and I sure hope you love using it to plan your days!

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