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Easy Craft Ideas for Kids to Make at Home

Kids often want something that they would be happy to share as a gift knowing that the recipient would really like it, and not just “appreciate the thought”.

Kids want to give gifts that WOW! But it’s not always easy to find craft ideas for kids that are affordable and doable for many skill levels.

Below are a few projects that I believe fit the bill for easy craft ideas for kids to make at home that are practical, fairly simple, and can produce gift worthy results.

DIY Painted Memory Stones

What an awesome idea for a simple DIY project that your child will actually be able to create and be proud of. This painted stones project from can be a personal memory keeping craft, meaningful DIY gift, and/or a travel keepsake.

How fun for them to one day years from now find their paper weight from their summer of 2018 Grand Canyon family vacation! I think they may find themselves wanting to make extras for teacher gifts (teachers can always use paper weights), best friend keepsakes, etc.  

Frankly this project is so fun, simple, affordable, and doable that it’s something the whole family may want to jump into and make their own.

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DIY Upcycled CD Hanging Spinner

Here’s another simple, beautiful, and useful project to do with your children. This is a great project for all those beads you may have collected because they were beautiful, but as it turns out completely impractical for your skill level of jewelry making or your taste of jewelry wearing.

This is a calming craft that results in a beautiful hanging that can adorn your backyard, a kids room, or would even look nice in a bathroom.

They would also make nice gifts your child could make themselves with minimal help and be happy to share.

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Videos and tutorials for kids craft projects to make on their own.

Lots of easy craft project for kids to make at home.

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Simple Beaded Lanyard Style Keychain

Up next is a simple beaded keychain that can be personalized with the type of beads and/or the letters chosen. This can easily be made for a boy (not all beaded crafts are as versatile for boys) to hang on his backpack or cargo shorts, perhaps with a name, favorite character, or power word.

Obviously it can also be perfect for girls;) They can be created without letter beads, simply substituting a few interesting or beautiful beads in a favorite color. In other words this makes a highly customizable gift for a friend, parent, or teacher.

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I hope you found at least one fun project today that you’ll look forward to sharing with your child. Who knows – you may have found a project you want to create yourself;)