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Different Types of Planners – Which is Best for You?

1. Personal/Daily Planners

The first one is the usual type of planner that most people start with, which is one that works for all daily planning, with emphasis on your personal life. Many people use their daily planner for everything, including work and other areas of their life, which is definitely possible to do. This keeps you from having too many planners all over the place, resulting in confusion and chaos..definitely counterproductive to organizing your life. However, others fill up a daily planner very quickly with work projects, and need additional room for personal projects, which is where the home and family planner becomes helpful.

2. Home and Family Planners

If you have a lot going on in your work life, you might want a separate one just for your home and family responsibilities and activities. This is good for keeping track of doctor and dentist appointments, scheduling important dates for the kids, planning date nights with your spouse, and even doing some meal planning. With a busy home life, you can definitely fill up an entire planner just for this purpose.

3. Finance and Budget

For people who are working on saving money for something big, trying to save for retirement, or just want better control of their finances, this is a great planner to have. Here are some things you might want to track in a finance and budget planner:

Money coming in and going out

Bills and debt

Regular expenses

Savings for specific goals

General savings

Building your investment portfolio

Setting a budget

4. Bullet Journal

If you like using a bullet journal, you can definitely use it as your planner as well. Many people do use it for both, since you have plenty of calendar and schedule places included. With a bullet journal, you’re in full control of each page, whether you set it up yourself with pen and ruler, or you get printable pages to add to a binder that is being used as your bullet journal, you get to decide what exactly to track and measure on each page.

5. Work Projects

If you are a project manager or run your own business, you might be in need of a planner just for work and various projects you are managing. This keeps everything organized and in one place, so that you don’t have computer files, notebooks, and journals everywhere that are filled with random notes.

6. Health, Diet, and Fitness

There is also the health planner that you can use just for things like diet, tracking weight loss or inches, fitness routines, and just general health and wellness information. These types of planners are great for helping you to reach fitness or health goals and to keep track of your daily moods and symptoms which can often help you pinpoint health issues that you can easily otherwise overlook.

You may be looking at these different types of planners and think you want or need ALL of them – and you may be right! The great thing is that today it’s so much easier to find planners that include all of the different areas of life we want to keep track of. I remember looking for planners at the office supply stores 10 years ago and literally finding NOTHING that would remotely work for my life. All of that has changed with the creation of planners that actually celebrate all the areas of our life that we think are important to our well being, not just a glorified Rolodex with time slots!!